The Best Restaurant In Onoway | Burger Baron

Burger Baron Onoway, nestled in the heart of Onoway, has positioned itself as the go-to dining spot in the region. This celebrated eatery has been pleasing customers for almost three decades with its delicious pizza and lip-smacking Canadian burgers.

Lately, Burger Baron Onoway presented an online ordering menu, offering a 10% rebate on the first order, providing even more accessibility and convenience.

Notorious for its hospitable environment, Burger Baron Onoway takes pride in treating its customers like family. With a broad menu that includes signature items such as the renowned Rocky’s Mistake pizza, fresh subs, perfectly cooked pasta, donairs, wraps, fried chicken, and add-ons like ice cream and salads, there is something for all tastes.

Apart from its culinary offerings, Burger Baron Onoway actively engages in the local community by participating in occasions and donating pizzas.

With its devotion to high-quality food, local outreach, and enduring existence in Onoway, Burger Baron Onoway remains the favored option for locals and tourists alike.

Delicious Menu Options

Burger Baron Onoway offers an array of scrumptious options, including Rocky’s Misstep pizza, a plethora of ice cream flavors, freshly prepared subs, masterfully prepared pasta, donairs and wraps featuring beloved meats and fillings, succulent fried chicken, and accompaniments such as ice cream and salads.

The savory pasta dishes at Burger Baron Onoway are a feast for pasta enthusiasts, with each dish cooked to absolute perfection and brimming with flavor.

The delectable donairs and wraps are stuffed with cherished meats and fillings, gratifying even the most discerning palates.

The mouth-watering fried chicken is a crowd favorite, boasting a golden crust and delicate meat.

For afters, Burger Baron Onoway offers delightful ice cream flavors sure to delight any sweet tooth.

Of course, their renowned Canadian burgers are a must-try, made with premium ingredients that will have customers craving more.

Community Support and Involvement

Burger Baron Onoway has been a vital part of the town of Onoway for nearly three decades, placing a major emphasis on community support and involvement.

The eatery has partnered with several local organizations, showing their devotion to the area. They contribute to local festivities by providing catering services and donating pizzas to help out local causes. Burger Baron Onoway also takes part in volunteer activities, investing resources and time to make a positive change.

Clients praise the hospitable ambiance created at the restaurant, making them feel part of the family. Burger Baron Onoway remains active on social media, keeping the community up to date on special offers, occurrences, and promotions.

Because of their commitment to community support and involvement, Burger Baron Onoway has earned a reputation as the best restaurant in Onoway.

Longstanding Presence in Onoway

Established as an integral part of the town of Onoway for nearly three decades, Burger Baron Onoway has developed a deep connection with the local community. Undeniably, Burger Baron Onoway has been a mainstay in Onoway for over thirty years. It is known for its iconic dishes such as Rocky’s Mistake pizza and perfectly cooked pasta, which have become local favorites.

Burger Baron Onoway has likewise earned a devoted patron base, with generations of area residents making regular visits. The restaurant also participates in community partnerships, giving back to the town through local event catering and pizza donations. With its inviting atmosphere, Burger Baron Onoway is indisputably a cherished institution in Onoway.

Contact Information

Conveniently located at 4904 49 Ave, Onoway, AB T0E 1V0, Burger Baron Onoway can be easily contacted by phone at (780) 967-4488 or via their provided email address

The restaurant offers a convenient online ordering process, enabling customers to place orders from the comfort of their homes.

Burger Baron Onoway’s menu features an array of options, from crunchy pizzas to savory pasta dishes. Customers can also enjoy delicious donairs and wraps, as well as scrumptious fried chicken and salads. Moreover, Burger Baron Onoway offers a selection of ice cream flavors to tantalize any sweet tooth.

With their accessible contact information and extensive menu, Burger Baron Onoway ensures customers can easily access their services and relish a delightful dining experience.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for Burger Baron Onoway furnish precious insights into the dining experience at the establishment, permitting potential customers to make informed decisions based on the feedback of past guests.

Chief points brought out in the reviews include:

  1. Customer service: Many reviewers lauded the affable and inviting staff at Burger Baron Onoway. They valued the attentive and prompt assistance provided by the personnel.
  2. Food quality: Numerous reviews mentioned the delightful taste and premium quality of the food served at Burger Baron Onoway. Customers savored the perfectly cooked burgers, fresh subs, and crunchy pizzas.
  3. Delivery speed: Several reviewers commented on the brisk and effective delivery service provided by Burger Baron Onoway. They cherished the timely arrival of their orders, making sure a pleasing dining experience.

On the whole, the customer reviews reflect positively on the customer service, food quality, and delivery speed at Burger Baron Onoway, making it a desirable choice for potential customers seeking a remarkable dining experience with great value for money.